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Behavioral Awareness Center Inc. (BAC) is a privately owned facility that provides counseling, education and treatment programs which will facilitate and change clients to a positive lifestyle in substance abuse recovery. We treat anyone who is eighteen years or older, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and has a need for counseling or has a documented history of substance abuse.

Our Services

The services that are provided by BAC are held in the strictest confidence. The client’s personal information will not be divulged. BAC follows all HIPPA regulations.


On staff physician who is Certified  by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and  a Diplomate, Multiple American Boards of Medial Specialties and specializes in addiction treatment.
Retired Physician Assistant with Sixteen years experience in substance
abuse treatment.
Two Registered Nurses (RN), Five Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
who administer medication and perform the duties of a Behavioral HealthTechnician. (BHT/BHP) Two Behavioral Health Technicians


Individual counseling is offered each week for up to 45 minute sessions with No appointment needed for relapse prevention, behavioral health issues and/or crisis situations.
Appointments are offered for weekly sessions for individuals, family or couples.
Group sessions are held when applicable.
Special emphasis is placed on involving family members.


-Administer the below medications as prescribed by the physician.

 a. Liquid Methadone

 b. 10mg Methadone Tablets

 c. 40mg Methadone Diskets

 d. Suboxone


To do mental and social health assessments to determine if the Client is eligible for entry into our maintenance facility


An initial and Eight Random Urinalysis tests are collected annually to Monitor the abstinence of illicit drugs or abuse.The presence of illicit substances in the urinalysis will not disqualify clients from our services.

Special Needs:

We assist and refer clients in need to appropriate programs for the disabled and or their special situations. This would include referrals to other agencies for continuity of care.