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    *Initial Intakes fees Include the Physical Exam, First week of Methadone, EKG, labs.           Male                ($200.00)
Female            ($205.00)

Pregnancy Tests not associated with intakes In-House                    ($25.00)

A. Physical Exams for all intakes, re-admits, and annual physicals:        ($100.00)

      Non BAC Physical Exams:                                                            ($125.00)

Annual Physical Exams for clients enrolled prior to 10/19/09 will  Be charged the old rate: ($80.00) The new rate is      ($90.00)                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 B. Weekly Charges for Liquid Methadone 150mg or less:                      ($80.00)

                                  10 Mgs Tablets, or Diskets                                     ($85.00)

Weekly Charges for Liquid Methadone 151mg-250mg:                           ($85.00)

                                  10 Mgs Tablets, or Diskets                                ($90.00)

Weekly Charges for Liquid Methadone over 251mg: & over;                    ($90.00)

                                   10 Mgs Tablets, or Diskets                               ($95.00)

Daily Dosing Fees:                                                                             ($17.00)

Courtesy Dosing Fees per day:                                                            ($30.00)

C. EKG’s:                                                                                          ($50.00)

D. Counseling Fees are included in BAC Treatment                          (No Charge)

     Non-BAC Clients:                                                                          ($55.00)

Delivery Fees: Plus weekly Methadone charges                              ($15.00)

E. Laboratory Fees (Initial Urine test included in intake Fee except Oxycontin)

 Oxycontin  In House Test Kit:                                                            ($15.00) 

  All Other         In House Test Kit:                                                      ($25.00) 

  Hepatitis C:                                                                                            $35.00

 AIDS:                                                                                                 $35.00 

 Mouth Swabs:                                                                                        $30.00 

 CBC:                                                                                                 $35.00

 Suboxone         In House Test Kit (Each Test) Monthly: $25.00

 EKG’s             Included with intake and exam fees: $45.00

 Peak & Trough Fees as requested by Physician: $50.00