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Administered through The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System  AHCCCS

If you're the family member of an active-duty, retired, or deceased Service member, National Guard Soldier, Reservist, or Medal of Honor recipient, you may qualify for the TRICARE program.
TRICARE provides comprehensive health coverage, including health plans, prescription medicines, dental plans, and programs for people with special needs. The Department of Defense's Defense Health Agency manages this program.
Find out if you qualify for TRICARE and how to apply!


For Veterans who have faced unacceptable waiting times for the medical care they need, or for whom a regular VA medical facility is inaccessible, the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) will make it possible for them to receive the care they need from a non-VA health care provider in their community.
Before using the VCP, you must verify your eligibility. Even if you qualify, use of the VCP is entirely voluntary, and does not in any way limit your eligibility to receive care from a VA medical facility.
Please visit www.va.gov/healthbenefits/apps/  choice to check your eligibility.
You may also verify your eligibility by calling 1-866-606-8198.