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Behavioral Awareness Center is an approved provider for United Healthcare and we will be taking clients soon !!!!!
Arizona Complete Health (formerly Cenpatico)  PENDING!
Am I able to pay out of pocket and maintain my privacy?Yes! We have a cash pay option, if you choose not to utilize your health care coverage.

What if I relapse? Will I be kicked out of the program?The answer is no you wont be kicked out. At BAC we support a harm reduction model. We understand that although not everyone relapses, at times relapse is part of recovery which is one of the many reasons we offer relapse prevention groups to help Clients get a better understanding of why relapse happens in the first place and ways to avoid it in the future.

What will happen when I come in for my first appointment?
You will meet with a Licensed Nurse for vitals and thorough health assessment, After that you will meet with a qualified staff member to complete an American Society of Addiction Medicine Assessment which will be followed by an appointment to meet with our MD or NP! They will meet with you to create a plan for medication treatment and ongoing care.
What do I need to bring for my first visit?
We will need a picture ID and a copy of your insurance card and any recent medical records if possible.  (Medical Records are not mandatory but may be needed to coordinate proper medication dispensing).

Will I have to pay extra to see a counselor more than once a month?
Once you become a BAC Client there is no extra charge to see a counselor more than once a month. That’s what we are here for.

What is the length of the program?
Each Clients recovery effort is different so each Clients treatment plan is created in way that the goals set forth for the Client are best suited to keep the client on track and prevent the use of illicit substances;  time lines can very from many months to many years!
Do you take walk-in's?Yes We do!  
Feel free to call, or walk in for an appointment. We are here to help.

Can I bring my kids along when I come?Yes!  We understand that sometimes you are in a bind and they need to be there too!
We have a comfortable waiting room where we play a variety of movies every day!
We support the entire family.

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